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The Bosch Challenge

Campaña digital, gaming, Bosch.


In 2013, Bosch launched their international campaign, "Tiger" to promote the new Relaxx´x Prosilence vacuum cleaner.


The objective was to design something that everyone would test the skills of the new Relaxx´x Prosilence vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner so silent that´s capable of cleaning even around a sleeping tiger without waking it up.  




And that´s how The Bosch Challenge was born. An APP that test your skills while vacuuming around a sleeping tiger. Playing The Bosch Challenge you could vacuuming coffe, hay, confetti, lego pieces or sweeties around the sleeping tiger with the different complements the vacuum cleaner has with limited time.

The APP was well received, with hith take up in countries such as Spain, France, Holland and Russia.


The Bosch Challenge, available in the Apple Store, could be also played at Bosch´s launching site, Facebook and downloaded by QR codes distributed at Bosch artefacts placed in stores.

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