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Hi! I'm a creative director & painter from the Canary Islands, currently based in Madrid.


👇Art Direction 👇 Art Direction 🖕 Art Direction 👇 Art Direction 👇Art Direction 🖕

What can I do for you

Take aways production

Digital Identity system / Digital brand set up / Tokens / Social Media content / Product photography / Product illustration / Phygital activations / AR / XR / Digital Actives / Brand Key Visuals / Editorial illustration / Keynotes presentations (no doubt) / Posters / Prototypes / Audiovisual Concepts / Storytelling / Event Look &Feel / Event Tool Kit / Merchandising / Album covers / Packaging / Press Kit / I-was-there t-shirts / Rolling Paper mockups, if you need them.

Who I work with

Artist Community

Photographers, Illustrators, 3D artist, painters, UI/UX designers, motion designers, directors, copywriters, floral designers, coders, printers, ceramists, project managers, generative artists, generative AIs...

All the cats my clients require me to work with.

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